Snitch AI Trust Center

Secure and Scientifically Accurate

We secure your data using industry-leading best practices and teamed up with university research institutes to ensure the validity and accuracy of our framework.

Secure Your Data by Design

We’ve built Snitch AI from the ground up with data security in mind. We separate it into the following categories:

  • Security-critical data
  • User data
  • Application state data
  • Login credentials

Key Security Features

  • Snitch AI has a registered identity to access our services and all accesses are fully audited and logged.
  • Data encryption in transit.
  • Data encryption at-rest.
  • Application-level encryption using a key-derivation function.
  • Credentials hashed using a modern password hashing protocol (randomly salted PBKDF2 with over 10,000 iterations)
We take your data security very seriously

Access to Secure Data

Each user or application that has to access production data does so using a unique and individual identity that is managed by Azure AD.

For all human users, they are required to use strong passwords as well as MFA (multi-factor authentication).

For all machine users, they have separate application identities that can either be configured by MSI (preferred when supported) or a distinct ID and secret.

Scientifically Accurate

Snitch AI teamed up with IVADO and Polytechnique Montréal to evaluate and refine our model validation methods, ensuring the accuracy our solutions and ensuring their efficiency over time.

We’re also working with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). Since model validation and verification must be reflected in the ISO standards that guide best development practices, the scientific validity of the methods is all the more important.

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